Sunday, September 28, 2008

She blushed.

Nancy Pelosi blushed when she recounted how Paulson went down on one knee to beg her for the bailout.
She blushed.

Hear that sound?
That's all of her constituents crawling under rocks to hide themselves in shame.

Watch the 60 minutes video (the blush starts at 4:58).

Did you see the part where Paulson says the last thing he wanted was to be asking Congress to become King Henry?
And he thinks we believe it?

No Other Way?

The hubris of that man.

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Steven James Jerardo said...

Nasty Pelosi is such a witch with a b. SHE called Paulsen to TELL him there was a problem. What a crock. She needs to go back to San Francisco, get some more plastic surgery and shut her pie-hole.